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Structured handoffs. Competent residents.

Cultivate excellent residency programs that meet ACGME requirements and apply appropriate levels of supervision and accountability with Caringly’s standardized handoff workflows.

Dashboard with number of handoff summaries created, handoff summaries per patient, action items created and completed, action items per patientElectronic form with title Handoff Review containing information: Outgoing Resident, Incoming Resident, Handoff Giver Quality, Situation Awareness, Mnemonic Frequency, Illness Severity, Patient Summary
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The Problem

Are your residents getting adequate handoff training and appropriate levels of supervision?

Effective, structured care transitions are a key requirement of ACGME Common Program Requirements and are integral to patient safety. And yet, handoffs in residency programs—even in leading institutions—suffer from wide variability in process and content, as well as inconsistent feedback provided to residents.

60% of residents reported that “supervision and feedback about handoffs were inconsistently provided.”

Many residents "reported that they were only partially prepared for” conducting handoffs.

Our Solution

Care Transition Solution for ACGME and Beyond

Caringly is a care transition solution that helps you optimize patient safety, adhere to ACGME requirements, and support the professional development of your residents while safeguarding their well-being.

We improve care continuity through consistent, structured, and quantified handoffs.


Effective Care Transition Training

Ensure that residents are competent in communications related to handoffs. Caringly facilitates effective clinical learning environments by providing a structured way for faculty members to supervise, quantify, and provide feedback on residents’ handoffs.

Digital form with heading of Handoff Received Quality and questions such as How frequently did the provider receiving the handoff do the following: Verbalize a synthesis of each patient, Appear focused, engage and demonstrate active listening skills. Each question is accompanies by a 5 point likert scale going from Never to Always.Diagram titled Structured Information Exchange with bi-directional arrows between Giver and Receiver. To the side, there is an icon for an Observer observing the communication between the Giver and Receiver.


Enhanced Resident Well-being

Residents can access relevant patient information quickly and write summaries in a single, easy-to-use application that works on any device—helping you ensure that they remain within the 80-hour maximum weekly limit prescribed by the ACGME.

Visual of computer screen titled Received Handoff with a column for list of resident names, a column labeled Receiving From containing checkboxes, and a column labeled Observer, also containing checkboxes. Overlaid on top is another window that shows patient info and an input box for Handoff Summary that contains a free text description about the patient.Screen that shows collapsible sections of patient info such as Illness Severity, Actions, Vitals, Metabolic Panel, Problems and Allergies, and Medications. At the top there is a check mark and label that says Curated by AI Rules Engine.


Integrated Patient Data

No need to click on twenty different EMR tabs, sift through illegible notes, or rely on memory. Caringly pulls clinical data based on context and presents it in a useful way so residents can avoid information overload and prevent miscommunication during care transitions.

Screen that shows collapsible sections of patient info such as Illness Severity, Actions, Vitals, Metabolic Panel, Problems and Allergies, and Medications. At the top there is a check mark and label that says Curated by AI Rules Engine.Visual showing only relevant info: Clinical Information for residents, nurses and hospitalists; Financial information for case managers; Educational information for social workers
Dashboard with different sections. There's a section for Care Transition Quality Index and a score of 85 meaning great. Another section shows the Most Common Diagnoses with Summaries. Another section shows Employee Time Spent. And a line graph showing increasing number of Total Handoffs per day.
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Quantified Handoffs

Caringly Q measures the quality of information exchange through real-time KPIs, summary metrics, and care transition surveys so that you and your team can sustain high quality care transitions in every unit.

Transform Your Residency Program

Learn how Caringly helps you adhere to ACGME requirements while optimizing patient safety today.

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