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Efficient Hospitalist Handoffs Without the Extra Work

Change of Shift | Change of Service

Improve patient safety and hospitalist well-being with Caringly. Our structured templates guide exchange of information in face-to-face verbal handoffs while meeting the Society of Hospital Medicine’s Handoffs Task Force recommendations

Dashboard with number of handoff summaries created, handoff summaries per patient, action items created and completed, action items per patientComputer screen representation of patient data for Frida Moreno. There's an editable box for Handoff Summary which contains an incomplete free text description of the patient's condition. There are also collapsible sections for Actions, Problems and Allergies, Medications, I/O, Diet, Illness Severity, Vitals and Metabolic Panel in the same screen.
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The Problem

Poor Information Exchange Leads to Suboptimal Care

Due to gaps in EMRs, hospitalists often resort to extensive use of workarounds such as phone calls, sending notes by email, or print outs during shift and service changes. These workarounds introduce HIIPA compliance issues and pose a threat to patient safety since they’re not real-time and lead to omission of critical information.

19% increase in sentinel events from 2021 to 2022

27% increase in patient falls from 2021 to 2022

Our Solution

Caringly MD: the Care Transition Platform for Hospitalists

Caringly optimizes care quality and efficiency through structured, contextual, and quantified handoffs—without adding extra work to already burdened hospitalists.


Improve Patient Safety

No need to click on twenty different EMR tabs, sift through illegible notes, or rely on memory. Caringly pulls clinical data based on context and presents it in a useful way so hospitalists avoid information overload while getting a full picture of the patient for effective care delivery.

Screen that shows collapsible sections of patient info such as Illness Severity, Actions, Vitals, Metabolic Panel, Problems and Allergies, and Medications. At the top there is a check mark and label that says Curated by AI Rules Engine.Diagram titled Structured Information Exchange with bi-directional arrows between Giver and Receiver.


Optimize Operational Efficiency

Caringly supports your efforts to continuously improve care and value for patients by making care transitions quantifiable with quality scores and other actionable metrics.

Dashboard with various charts. One chart shows medical errors decreasing over the months, care transition quality increasing over time, and CMS penalties decreasing over time. Another section is entitled most common diagnoses with summaries and it lists 4 diseases ordered from highest to lowest. There are two charts that illustrate the changes in length of stay and handoff metrics.


Safeguard Hospitalists’ Well-being

Prevent provider burnout with Caringly’s streamlined workflows that minimize the time needed for change of shift and service. Hospitalists can view relevant patient information and write summaries in an easy-to-use application that works on any device so they don’t have to rely on phone calls, emails, and other inefficient workarounds.

iPad with screen showing patient data of Marvin Johnson. The patient data screen includes an editable box for Handoff Summary with some details already typed. There are other collapsed sections for Illness Severity, Actions, Medications, Allergies, I/O, Vitals. The Metabolic Panel is expanded and shows a clinical diagram.Analytics of employee time spent
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Dashboard with different sections. There's a section for Care Transition Quality Index and a score of 85 meaning great. Another section shows the Most Common Diagnoses with Summaries. Another section shows Employee Time Spent. And a line graph showing increasing number of Total Handoffs per day.

Quantified Handoffs

Caringly Q measures the quality of information exchange through real-time KPIs, summary metrics, and care transition surveys so that you and your team can sustain high quality care transitions in every unit.

Empowering Hospitalists for Optimal Care

Serve the needs of your hospitalists and empower them to deliver the best treatment to your patients with Caringly. Learn how today.

Visual of screen dialog prompt with title Receive Handoff? You’re receiving handoffs for 7 patients from 11 residents. Do you want to continue?