Safer Patients.
Happier Clinicians.
Fewer CMS Penalties.

Caringly is an intelligent transition of care platform that reduces medical errors and prevents clinician burnout through structured, quantified, and contextual information exchange.

Chart showing care transition quality going up as medical errors and CMS penalties go downVisual asking "Before you accept this Handoff please make sure you ask these questions:

Is the patient a fall risk? 
Is the bed alarm set?
What is the indication for Foley catheter?
When was the dressing last changed?
Has the patient had a bowel movement?
Picture of smiling doctor and nurse together

Sarat Varghese, MD

Chief of Hospital Medicine
Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital, Los Angeles, California

"The Caringly Team continues to be great partners to ensure patient safety. They are committed to making the best products for our ecosystem."

Ricardo Ramirez

Chief Nursing Officer
West Boca Medical Center, Boca Raton, Florida

"I honestly think Caringly will revolutionize how we do hand off."

Binay Eapen, MD, FACP

Internal Medicine Program Director
Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital, Los Angeles, California

"Educating residents on proper handoffs and safe transitions of care is very important for patient safety. Caringly achieves that and helps our faculty comply with ACGME requirements. It  provides our residents real time feedback to improve their handoff skills."

The Problem

Something is Off About Handoffs

Notes scribbled on pieces of paper. Text copied from EMR and pasted in Word. Then printed or emailed. Still more information recalled from memory.

Transitions of care—the way they are now—have a problem: rampant communication breakdown due to unstructured information exchange.

Record levels of nurse and clinician burnout

Revenue loss from CMS penalties

Low productivity

Patient safety issues

EHRs are not used for information sharing and frequently impede intra-care team communication.”

Harvard Medical School, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, PLoS One, 2019.
“Failed hand-offs are a longstanding, common problem in health care.”

The Joint Commission, Sentinel Event Alert, Issue 58, September 2017.
Our Solution

The Right Information, Between the Right Clinicians, at the Right Time

for Handoffs | Transfers | Rounding | Discharges

Caringly improves patient safety and clinicians lives by making it easy to exchange complete, concise, and contextual patient information during transitions of care—within and outside the organizations.


Reduce medical errors

  • Prevent the omission or miscommunication of critical information through consistent, structured information exchange
  • Avoid information overload through contextually relevant information that intelligently adapts to the needs of nurses, hospitalists, residents, case managers, social workers
  • Support new-to-practice physicians and nurses with Caringly’s observer functionalities and quantified care transitions
Visual that shows Provider (Nurse, Resident, Hospitalist, Case Manager) and Context (Transfer, Handoff, Rounding, Discharge) connected by AI Rules EngineScreenshot of Handoff Review surveyScreenshot of Handoff Giver Checklist


Enhance clinician well-being

  • See the full picture of a patient quickly—no more clicking on twenty different screens or sifting through illegible notes
  • Avoid the need to routinely work unscheduled hours with Caringly’s efficient workflows for handoffs, transfers, and discharges
  • Reduce time spent on documentation and spend more time in direct patient care
Illustration of hospitalist's view with curated panelsAnalytics of employee time spentVisual showing only relevant info: Clinical Information for residents, nurses and hospitalists; Financial information for case managers; Educational information for social workers


Decrease costs

  • Reduce readmission rates and penalties with quantified, accurate care transitions
  • Streamline operations with data—patient throughput, real-time quality measurements, and unique KPIs
  • Enhance case manager and social worker collaboration
Visual of Handoff Quality Dashboard


AI Rules Engine

Improves team communication with patent-pending algorithms that curate information based on the patient’s condition and the needs of the giver and receiver

Structured and Clear Notes

Speeds up information access with an AI-powered engine that displays only relevant information for nurses, physicians, case managers, and social workers—no more, no less

Quantified Transition of Care

Enables healthcare leaders to measure the quality of information exchange with real-time metrics and unique KPIs

Teaching and Guidance

Accelerates the training of new-to-practice nurses and residents with dynamic checklists, guided prompts, observer alerts, and surveys

Device-Agnostic Apps

Works on desktop, laptops, tablets and smartphones; supports single device and multi-device scenarios

Optional EMR Integration

Supports two-way integration with common EMRs to avoid double documentation—maintaining a single source of truth

Backed by Research, Led by Clinicians

Caringly is designed and built by healthcare professionals, ensuring it meets the specific needs of nurses, hospitalists, residents, case managers, and social workers.

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$328,800 in penalties

Average revenue loss due to HAC penalties, with the largest hospitals losing around $1.7 million

80% of errors due to miscommunication

Miscommunication during patient handoff contributes to an estimated 80% of serious medical errors

1% of Medicare payments lost

Patient safety penalties cost hospitals 1 percent of Medicare payments over the federal fiscal year

Before Caringly

Care transition is hard

Critical patient information was often missed or inaccurately communicated using paper, EMRs, or memory

Photo of scribbled notes and messy handwriting
After Caringly

Care transition is easy

Caringly facilitates the exchange of relevant patient information for happier clinicians and safe, efficient care

Checklists that say illness severity, medications, problems and allergies, I/O, vitals, actions, summary, metabolic panel and a button that says Finish Handoff

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Application dialog that asks Receive Handoff? Nurse John Smith wants to handoff patient Jane Doe. Are you ready to receive this handoff?